Please utilize Daffodil Laptop as a tool of your Career enhancement

DIU is providing you this high configured daffodil laptop to make you the best for the challenging job market. These are not granted for time passing and misuse, like, chatting in the internet, playing games, watching unnecessary videos, listening music, involved with any sort of cybercrime etc. It is you who need to set your career goal before getting the daffodil laptop, otherwise, all our investment for the project will go in vain.

So, you must determine your career and start to use the daffodil laptop targeting that career goals to succeed. If any student is found not complying with the rules and regulation set by the university, DIU authority may take back the daffodil laptop for the student without any notice. DIU authority and Faculty preserve full right to call any student under the daffodil laptop project to investigate how the student is using daffodil laptop, what progress is really and effectively going on for making his/her career better and secured by the students, who we love, take care of and awarded a free daffodil laptop. Moreover, the authority will arrange quiz/ test: time to time to get clear idea how you are having benefited by the daffodil laptop provided by the university.

Hope our beloved students will remember & follow our urge. We dream to make our each student an ideal, self-employed, confident & elegant citizen of the nation. We believe, each of our students will be polite in approach, positive action, constructive in thought, humble in execution, spontaneous in enthusiasm, honest in intention & determined in goal. Important Issues:

  1. No other financial benefit will be applicable in exchange of the Laptop.
  2. DIU preserves the right to decline this acknowledgement without any prior notice (If there is any direnecessity)
  3. DIU preserves the right to take back the Laptop from any student any time if s/he is found to make any violence, misconduct, Criminal activities and misuse this technology.
  4. The applicant will be solely responsible if his laptop is lost. However he/she will have to inform the
  5. University authority by a written application which will have to be verified and signed by both the sponsors.
  6. The student cannot handover or transfer or replace or sell the Laptop to any other person.
  7. If any student wants to dropout or discontinues his/her studies at DIU, he/she will have to take proper permission from the University and will have to deposit the amount of price of the laptop which will be fixed by the DIU authority.