First Laptop Distribution

Message from Chief Guest

I am delighted to know that Daffodil International University provides laptop computers to its students free of cost and for the first phase 400 laptops are going to be distributed to the students in a ceremony on 16 July 2011.

Technology has become part and parcel for delivering and receiving education. It is very encouraging that Daffodil International University has come up with such a brave endeavor to distribute free laptops to the students. I expect that other educational institutions will follow this example and adopt such measures so that our future generations could combine knowledge, skills and resources with the help of technology to solve problems in real life situations.

Our government has made significant advancements for use of digital technology in different aspects of life, specially, education and administration. I appreciate Daffodil International University for playing supporting role in line with government initiatives to materialize Digital Bangladesh.

I wish success of this program.

Nurul Islam Nahid MP
Ministry of Education
Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh