First Laptop Distribution

Message from Emeritus Professor

It gives me immense pleasure to see that Daffodil International University is going to hold Free Laptop Distribution Ceremony on 16 July 2011.

We, at the present context of Bangladesh are more than visionary. In the same time we want to make our ideas come true. Leaving all constraints behind, DIU is going for distributing free laptops among all our students in a time when IT backbone of the university is fully equipped with a spectrum of facilities available for students. I believe that now it will be so easy and reachable to the students to use Education ERP of DIU, Learning Feedback System (Social Web), E-Library of the university, DIU Forum and so on which have already been developed by the university. Beyond everything, the whole information of the globe will now be at their fingertips. We must be indebted to Honorable Chairman, Board of Trustees who generated the idea, "One Student, One Laptop" and took every initiative to make this dream come true. We hope that we will keep this pace to provide technology friendly quality education to our students in future.

I appreciate all the endeavors of the organizers. I hope that the students who will be provided with laptops will make effective use of this device to make them skilled and learned in a true sense.

Dr. Aminul Islam
Emeritus Professor
Daffodil International University